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By: Harriet A.

I completed my first long course Wildflower race in 1989.  The Tri Team Peninsula members weretalking about going down to Lake San Antonio to do the race.  Wildflower was a qualifying race for Kona so some of the top athletes were hoping to qualify for Kona.  This was my first long course triathlon so I did not know what to expect.

The Olympic distance race was held on Saturday and the long course was held on Sunday.   We drove down to the race on Saturday morning and we camped in the over flow camping area.
Race day was very exciting.  I won my age group and I received a slot for Kona.  At that time you had three weeks to decide if you wanted to accept the slot.   My husband told me it would a big commitment to train for Kona.  I really wanted to go so I accepted the slot.  Since that time Wildflower and Kona are my favorite races.

I have returned to race at Wildflower every year since 1989.  I was down at Wildflower in 2004 but I did not race that year because I had been in a bike accident and my knee was still swollen.
In 1989 you were able to drive down to the lake and park where the bike transition is now held.  The number of participants has increased every year even after Wildflower was no longer a Kona qualifying race.

Although my friends no longer race with me, I still look forward to going down to the Wildflower Festival. Terry Davis and his team put on a wonderful race venue.

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