Tri-California Presents Official Wildflower Training Plans by Ben Greenfield

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Just in time for the 2013 triathlon training season to begin, Tri-California is proud to announce the unveiling of two complete 18 week training plans for the Wildflower Triathlon Olympic and Long Course races.

The plans, designed by Coach Ben Greenfield, are available now by clicking here, and include a complete .pdf with detailed workouts for each day, strength training instructions, nutrition tips, race day preparation, full TrainingPeaks compatibility and everything you need to know to arrive at Wildflower race weekend with zero guesswork.

Coach GTrainingreenfield designed the plans for all levels of fitness, so they will work for the complete beginner triathlete to get ready for their first Wildflower Long Course triathlon, but will also get the intermediate-advanced athlete in perfect race shape!

Each plan includes 2-3 days of running, 2-3 days of cycling, and 2-3 days of swimming, along with 1-2 days of strength training, and options for additional yoga and cross-training if desired. Both the Olympic and Long Course training plans use Greenfield’s “quality over quantity” approach to training, so rather than slogging away for long hours each week, you’ll get the most bang for your buck from your training time, with 4-6 hours per week for the Olympic distance (option for higher hours for more advanced athletes) and 6-10 hours per week for the Long Course.

Each plan includes sections devoted to:

•    About Wildflower Triathlon / Course Overview
•    Wildflower Race Course Map
•    First Time Triathlon Tips
•    Technique / Avoiding Injury
•    TrainingPeaks Access Instructions
•    Workout Terminology
•    18 Week Training Plan
•    Meal Planning
•    Strength & Flexibility Exercises
•    Transitions & Racing Tips

You can get either plan now for $97 by clicking here (that’s just a fraction of the cost of hiring a coach!). Even though the plans were designed to begin the first week of 2013, you can hop into the plan in as little as 8 weeks from the event and still get a ton of benefit from the coached guidance and the specific workouts you’ll receive.

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