My Alcatraz Vacation!

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Author: Lynn Scornavacca

Since I was competing in the 2011 San Francisco Triathlon at Alcartraz, I decided to have a little fun on my weekend to San Francisco. 

The water is too darn cold and the air isn't much better! Took a boat ride to check out the water.      


Still crabby.
I am crabby the day before the race!



Found a new bike to ride.


My trusty steed waits for me race morning.  We had to ride to the start with all of our gear at 3:30AM.


Saw five seals on the ride to the landing at The Rock.
The water was so choppy and violent you were submerged in waves one second, choking on seawater the next and mid air tossed by a wave the next.
I drank a gallon of seawater. People asked me if I saw sharks or sea critters, but the water was so violent, I wouldn't have seen Flipper if he was doing somersaults! 

The swim took one hour, nearly double what it would normally take for me. (PB 33 minutes for 1.2 miles)


 The bike and run were beautiful and very California. Trails that had 400 sand stairs to climb at the turnaround.

I made it! Check this puppy off of the list!


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