It's Already December?

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Does anyone else feel like November just flew by? I know everyone in the office feels like it did! 

Which means we are reaching the middle of the triathlon off-season. Some of you may have already set off-season goals, some of you may still be pondering, while others may have already achieved one. 

We asked a couple of our Tri-California Ambassadors to give us some insight on their off season goals. 

“Spread the word. In this season of letting go most friends are underactive, eating poorly, and overstressed. Respectfully invite them to accompany you with some training runs, biking, and stretching exercises, and perhaps swimming at the Club. It'll be much appreciated for your interest and prompt you to keep going. Why wait for their desperate New Year's resolution to get a life?"
                                                                         -Ambassador, Bill Ziering 

This is some great insight! It is always hard to keep motivated around the holidays with the time change, family and friends constantly getting together, and the sweets just staring you in the eyes. 

Grab a buddy!
Being able to work out with someone new may end up challenging you in ways you have not been challenged before. It will bring a new excitement to your workout routine and will not only be spreading enthusiasm to a new up and coming triathlete, but will allow you to keep pushing through the ever daring carbs and sweets. 

Ambassador, Neil Fraser, has a great goal to get you through the cold winter days. 

“Take time during the "off season" to work on your weaknesses. Strength, flexibility, form, season planning and strategy. Doing this will make your 2014 season your best ever!"
                                                                                -Ambassador, Neil Fraser

If you are still sticking to your usual training during the off-season, maybe set the goal of more stretching time. This will allow your body to reflect on the workout you are about to do, or just completed. 

But most importantly, STAY HEALTHY!

“If you're injured, take the time to take a break. Listen to your body (speaking from experience, unfortunately).”
                                                                                -Ambassador, Evan Borders

Staying healthy is key to a healthy off-season. If you do not take the time to reflect on what your body needs and wants, your 2014 season may not turn out the way you envision. 

Off-seasons can be a roller coaster, one week you are feeling great and the next maybe not so much. Like our ambassadors said, set your goals and stick to them! 

Whether it be spreading the word, stretching, or taking care of your body’s needs, make sure you are still enjoying the sport of triathlons as the 2014 season seems to be sneaking up on us!

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