How To Train While Pregnant

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By: Bethany Sobraske

Bethany Sobraske

Being women triathletes, we are presented with some different challenges than our male counterparts. One of these “challenges” is pregnancy! We are lucky enough to give life and watch it grow (literally) while carrying on with the rest of our day to day existence. When my husband and I found out this June that we were going to have our second child, we were so excited! After the initial happiness sunk in, I started to think about the changes I would face. One of these changes would be the body I have worked SO HARD to train and maintain! I would go from being in the best shape of my life to…not. After the 3rd month passed by and I stopped feeling the pitch and sway of a rowboat on the high seas every time I turned my head, I have nailed down a steady routine for training. This time, I’m training for a baby, which is a lot harder than a race!

Since being a healthy environment and caretaker for my new growing life is the MOST important thing, I do not push myself to the point of pain or even extreme discomfort. I have consulted extensively with my doctor regarding his recommendations for training while pregnant, and I suggest ANYONE who is pregnant should do the same!

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I have found that running more than 4 miles at a time causes me pelvic pain, so I only run 3-4 miles at a time. I try to run 3x a week. I still take weight lifting classes at the gym 2x per week and have reduced my lower body and back weights, keeping upper body weights the same. Since my doctor recommended I not exercise for more than 45 minutes at a time (at any intensity I want), I keep everything within that time frame. My favorite exercise is swimming!I do not feel heavy and sluggish, but buoyant and fast! What could be better? I swim about a mile 2x per week. It is not recommended to ride a bicycle after 3 months due to the risk of falling, so I take cycling classes instead (same intensity as before) and wear my heart rate monitor religiously to notice any drastic drops or peaks and adjust accordingly. I also take a yoga/pilates hybrid class once a week that I have noticed increases my flexibility while utilizing body-weight maneuvers that are friendly to pregnant ladies.

I am looking forward to having a healthy, happy baby and know that I am doing what I can to provide a safe, strong body for my baby to grow in. Sometimes I am awake all night with hormone related insomnia …so I SKIP my morning workout! It is more important to be well rested sometimes.

We girls are pretty darn amazing and I encourage ALL of you to stay motivated in whatever way works for you! Whether you arepregnant or not , keep it all in perspective and your eyes on the ultimate or immediate goal. My immediate goal is to be strong and have this baby. My ultimate goal is to be strong and see MY babies have babies!Good luck, YOU CAN DO IT!

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