How to Stay Motivated for Early Morning Workouts

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By Tara Kulikov, Director of Pinnacle Training Systems in San Luis Obispo, CA

As training progresses and gets harder, it is common to feel tired and unmotivated…especially in the morning. These basic tips will help get you out of bed and out the door, ready to conquer your workout and the day!

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Early Morning Jump Start: It’s often difficult to get motivated for morning workouts because your body may be working against you. In early morning hours, your heart rate and body temperature are often at their lowest point. As the sun rises, these bodily functions also naturally rise, making it easier to begin activity. So what do we do when workouts start early? Make sure to prep for your workout the night before, so you don’t succumb to the easy excuses of “not being ready” when your body is fighting for you to stay in bed. Laying out your workout clothes, having your gear ready, setting your alarm to rise at least an hour prior to walking out the door, and setting the automatic coffee-maker to brew in the AM will help make morning preparation much easier.


Dinner the Night Before: Eating healthy carbohydrates the night before a workout will help maintain glycogen stores and make it easier to get up and feel good for an early morning workout. Dinners full of too much fat and protein, such as a cheese burger and fries, or too many simple carbohydrates found in sugary desserts, can leave athletes feeling lethargic. Avoid these items the night before morning workouts. Instead, opt for whole grains (1/2 c.-1 cup of brown rice or whole wheat pasta), lean protein (3-5 oz.), cooked vegetables (1-2 cups), and maybe some fruit and yogurt for dessert.

Get More Sleep: If you are still struggling with low energy in the mornings, get more sleep! Try shutting off the TV and computer at least 30 minutes before your bedtime to ensure a more solid night of shut eye.

Tara Kulikov has her MA in Kinesiology and MS in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She has over ten years experience in the health and fitness industry, being a national and state board certified Acupuncturist and Traditional Oriental Medicinal Practitioner with an emphasis in sport enhancement and injury prevention. She is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor with experience coaching runners, swimmers, and triathletes. She is currently directing 12-week and 14-week training programs for Scott Tinley’s Triathlon.

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  1. Rosa Michelle Says:
    I tried to develop this habit for years, but just couldn't pull myself to wake up 'that' early in the morning. Finally when I really got myself into this, I found out that it took me only a week to adjust everything on my life with this new schedule.

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