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ATT Park

With my car packed to the roof, and only my side mirrors to look out of, I

started to watch all of that was known to me fade away in the distance. I was about two hours into my drive when it finally hit me… “Wow! I am moving to the happiest place in America.” No, not Disneyland.

As the freeway signs start counting down and I make my way down the now known “nasty grade”, my mind is still filled with the slue of post college grad thoughts. The typical. “What am I doing with my life?”

I arrive to my new hometown of San Luis Obispo, CA. Not knowing any one or any thing. I take the night to get settle into my room and then make plans to wake up early the next morning, Monday, and do my first trial run.

I hop in my car, coffee in hand, around 7:45am with the expectations of spending my next 45 minutes sitting in traffic…Any local would have laughed if they knew I seriously thought there was going to be traffic on the SLO county 101 North.

“Turn left in .1 miles and your destination is on your right”. It wasn’t until I saw a Tri-California Events box truck that I knew I was in the right place. With a smile peaking through of joy and envisioning myself here at work, I quickly make a u-turn in hopes that no one will see me as I look like the typical intern.

It is now Monday night and I frantically check my email to make sure I am all set for my first day of work in the morning. I flip through some of my emails and find the one with the address, contact information, and what time to arrive. “9am, no wonder why no one was there at 8:15 yesterday, but man I could get used to this” As I am used to waking up at 5:30 for college water polo practice, this feels like sleeping in.

I wake up the next morning, slip into my new “work” clothes, black pants and a nice shirt, try and muffle down some breakfast and coffee into my nervous stomach jitters, grab my keys and go. This time feeling comfortable about my drive. It is hard to remember my first interactions with the rest of the Tri-Cal staff as my nerves were completely overpowering. As I begin to introduce myself, I quickly notice the warm welcomes they are each giving me, but most importantly, I notice jeans! Great, if I didn’t already look like the intern, now I really felt like the intern in my black pants and blouse.

As I quickly caught on to the relaxed, yet professional atmosphere in the Tri-Cal office, it wasn’t until a little later I felt I had bonded.

ATT ParkMy initiation…Giants Race 2013. By no means does Tri-Cal hold any type of initiation, but Giants is where it all came together for me. Pretty much taking over the streets of San Francisco at 2am, AT&T Park becoming my home for three days, manning the promo booth at the expo and managing 400 volunteers makes it sound easy!

It is common to hear triathletes and avid runners say that the sport is addicting. That the once you do one, you just cant stop. The feeling when you cross the finish line is one like never before. I can honestly say working for Tri-California is just that.


After spending countless hours coming together to produce an event for hundreds to thousands of other people we have our own finish line. We have our own team. We have our own training hours. We have our own type of bond that not only encourages, but challenges each other day in and day out. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes here at Tri-California that makes each race its own.

Although I am still new to the staff, and have only completed one event with them. It is obvious we work as a family and have the ultimate goal of producing events that impact each athlete in a personal way.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first moved to SLO and became a part of the Tri-Cal staff. But being a part of such a loyal, committed, energetic, and intelligent staff has exceeded my expectations. Feeling the rush of emotions that comes over you every day at the events is unforgettable and I wouldn’t want to experience it with any other than Tri-California.

Ultimately, none of this would have been achievable if it wasn’t for you, our other family.

My new family.

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