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By: Geoff Pasley

Geoff PasleyCross one off the bucket list, I’ve completed my first triathlon! I’ve always considered tackling the challenge of a triathlon, but never actually envisioned myself following through on it. It has always just been an idea, but this past weekend my idea became reality.

The Triathlon at Pacific Grove is an event that Tri California holds near Monterey in early September. It is a gorgeous course that starts you at Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove where you begin your swim. The bike portion takes you down Sunset Drive where you can stare at the Pacific ocean the entire time (although not recommended when passing opponents :) ). Then the run takes you down Ocean View Blvd just north of Cannery Row.


Here is a map of the course (courtesy of Tri California Events):


Triathlon at Pacific Grove

It was so spectacular that I spent the next morning retracing the course and taking pictures of it, you can view them here.

The Swim:

This section of this particular race has to be the most unique. They describe it on their website as the “kelp crawl”, and now that I’ve done the race I know why. I trained in La Jolla Cove so I’m no stranger to kelp, but this was a completely different experience. There were times during the swim that the kelp was so thick that I felt like I was making no progress at all, I literally had to crawl through it. Very unique to say the least.

The Ride:

By far the most visually appealing section of the course. I got to Monterey very late the evening before the event so I had no idea what the city even looked like. As I started out on the bike portion of the course I couldn’t help but to say out loud “wow, this is magnificent”. And as an added bonus, Tri California had the road blocked off to vehicles so the bikes had the gorgeous view all to ourselves.

The Run:

This section was the most difficult for me. I think it was basically due to the fact that my body was shutting down from the 2+ hours of exercise that I’d just done. The majority of the track was flat, except for one dirty hill that they decided to throw in, but for the most part the run was fairly easy.

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  1. Randa Says:
    Hi Geoff,
    Congrats on your first TRI. I'm doing the Pacific Grove Tri this year and will be my first as well. Just wanted to say congrats!!


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