Attractions, Restaurants and Activities in Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove

The Triathlon at Pacific Grove is a race in the quaintest place. This is a race and a place to be excited about! Betsy Davis, co-owner of Tri-California Events, calls Pacific Grove home. She let us in on some of her favorites, in hopes that you find a favorite too...

Favorite Attractions
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium -
  • Cannery Row - , full of touristy shops and activities (if you are going to be a tourist, go big!)
  • MY Museum - , a youth museum in Monterey perfect for the little guys and gals
  • Forest Theater - , an outdoor theater in Carmel where you can bring a picnic or some take-out from a great restaurant and watch a movie under the stars. (If Betsy finds me missing from the Thursday Night's Staff Meeting it's because I am hiding out at her highly recommended Forest Theater watching "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" - it's the feature presentation from August 16 through September 22)

Favorite Restaurants

Outdoor Activities