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No conversation about triathlon legends would be complete without mention of the name Scott Tinley. He's one of the originals, won Kona twice, and continues to play a role in the sport today. He's also a 20-plus time Wilflower competitor and one of its biggest fans.

What sets Wilflower apart for Scott? So many things, he explains. "It's been around for 32 years," he says, "and there aren't many races that can say that. There's a reason for that.

"It's also got an amazing venue. But most of all, it's the Davis family's devotion to the event. They support the sport, the athletes, the governing bodies. They are a class act, do things right, and the athletes benefit for it."

If you're heading to Wildflower for the first time ever this year, Scott has some advice for making the most out of the experience. "Know that you'll want to bring everything because there isn't much in the way of stores nearby," he says. "But even if you forget something, there will probably be someone there who can loan it to you."

Scott Tinley

He also recommends that you prepare yourself for a "strength" course and that you come at the event without the goal of a new PR in mind. Rather, soak in the area's beauty and the race's unique vibe. "Those who have been coming to the event for years will always support it," he says. "Those who are coming for the first time can experience a one-of-a-kind event."

While Scott's days of topping the Wildflower podium are now behind him, he stays active every day with surfing, running, swimming or cycling and maintains a great level of fitness and health. He also partners with Tri-California to put on Scott Tinley's Triathlon every year (a 20-yr. old event), and recently launched the fun and nostalgic TriHistory site with fellow triathlon legend Mike Plant. 

So if you're headed to Wildflower this year, keep your eyes open for the one-and-only Scott Tinley, one of the events longest running and biggest supporters. It's been a great partnership for everyone involved!

What would you ask Scott if you had the chance? Have you ever met a triathlon legend--when, where and who?

3 responses to “A Chat With Legend Scott Tinley”

  1. Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness Says:
    I love the not having a PR in mind tip!
  2. Allie Says:
    Great read! I'm always fascinated by triathletes since the only TRI I ever do is a sprint! With so much gear to keep track of, I guess I would ask what the most important, can't live without, TRI essentials are and what brands he likes best and why. I'm always interested in gear and what is just fluff!
  3. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean Says:
    love the emphasis of enjoying the course not PRing...i think that's lost sometimes in the art of racing!

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