2010 in Review

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By: Terry Davis

2010 was quite a year. From successfully completing California’s first San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz, to watching Ben Collins and Tenille Hoogland win multiple Tri-California Events, to bringing 50 Biggest Losers out to Treasure Island, we can truly say that 2010 was a year of celebration. And, as I sit down to write my first ever blog post for Exercise With Purpose, I know without a doubt that 2011, in our mind, is going to be even better.

First, we are proud of the races that we’ll offer this season,  and want to make sure you are, too. At Tri-California Events, our races are designed specifically for you, the athlete.

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To that end, we’ve created the Tri-California Ambassador program. Our 2011 Ambassadors will be our ‘eyes and ears’ into the triathlon community. Being an Ambassador is a small time commitment, and not only do they get free stuff, special incentives and opportunities to test gear, but they get to tell us what the community wants to see in this year’s Alcatraz event, for instance, or perhaps the San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island. They get to tell us whether a special training event for women – held by a female Olympian – is of interest to the Tri-California community, or if we should hold more swim sessions leading up to Alcatraz.

We are also planning to enhance our 2011 Club Benefits program. Some of you may have filled out our 2011 triathlon club survey. It takes roughly five minutes and will only help us make Tri-California’s events even better for you this year.  It’s actually pretty simple. You speak, we listen.

Second, we want to make sure that you have the resources to successfully train for and build community around each of our seven events. To assist in that mission, we have launched this blog, where you’ll find posts from Olympians and professional athletes offering training advice for the Alcatraz swim or how to modify your training for the off season. You’ll find posts from triathlon clubs on the benefits of training and competing together, articles on living life as an endurance athlete from our community partners, and posts from long-time and first-time triathletes.

Do you have something to say? You speak, we listen, and your thoughts could very well end up here. Join the conversation by emailing

We also plan to work very closely with our elite and Olympian athletes, as well as your local training clubs, to bolster our Website so that you can find even more content related to living life as an endurance athlete.

At Tri-California, our races are designed for you, the athlete. And we’re constantly thinking about how we can make your experience – on race day and beyond – even better. I hope you’ll join us in providing feedback and taking part in these special programs and races we’ll hold in 2011.

Here’s to a happy, safe and healthy holiday, and what promises to be the best race season yet.

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