Reaching Your New Years Resolutions

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Spend less. Save more. Eat less. Exercise more. You know the drill. 2015 is here and we get to wipe the slate clean once again. It’s time to write a fresh list of New Year’s resolutions – ones you’ll actually keep this time throughout the entire year...maybe.

See, it’s that last part that’s tricky: sticking to your resolutions. 40 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only about 8 percent of us achieve them.

"My goal for 2015 is to accomplish the goals of 2014 which I should have done in 2013 because I made a promise in 2012 and planned in 2011."


People Love People

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Kid FinishPeople love inspiring stories, tried and tested advice, and pictures to showcase personalities. At Tri-California we are a very different type of Event Production Company – we grew up with the sport when it was new and continue to believe it’s a lifestyle, not just a sport and not just a business. On January 1st, we will be re-launching our blog Exercise with Purpose with new direction, new content and a way to create a community around the sport we love so dearly.

We would like to open our world up to our athletes and show them what inspires us, what got us to this point, and in turn, inspire a new generation of athletes. We want you to join with comments, telling us what you are looking for, have conversations with us and we are here for your feedback. We will establish ourselves by including our blog experts from the industry including coaches, nutritionists, athletes who have insider tips and industry leaders like Bob Babbitt, Scott Tinley, Heather Jackson, Sean Watkins, Jesse Thomas, and many more top names in the sport.


The History of Tinley’s Adventures and The First Off-Road Triathlons

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Scott Tinley

During the week leading up to the 1994 Hawaiian Ironman, I scheduled a meeting of prominent race directors who were in Kona. We met in a hotel conference room and discussed the idea of combining mountain biking and trail running near a mountain lake. Some of the problems facing future growth of the sport at the time, included drafting, road closures, traffic, and un-exciting courses. An off-road triathlon, a few of us argued, would address all of those.

There was interest by the race directors but none of them had experience in the alpine sports. And they wanted a lot of seed money. Folks, I suggested, we can’t wait for the mythical 7-figure sponsor. Let’s find a local mud hole, a bike path, and see how this goes.


Facing the Challenge

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Alcatraz is tough but, with the right approach, it’s conquerable!

Well done for getting this far, you have logged the miles on the road and in the pool; be proud. By now you will likely be in your tapering phase. Put your feet up, relax, and let your muscles repair and replenish in anticipation for the Orca Alcatraz Challenge.

If you begin to feel ‘itchy feet’, desperately wanting to run or swim, then you are in good company. Tapering can be a real pain but stick in there, come race day you will be pleased that you did.

With the event just days away, you have already put in the training hours and now have the opportunity to train mentally.


From Military Fitness to Personal Fitness

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WF RrunBy Patrick Roush, Team RWB Monterey Bay

I have loved the outdoors since childhood. Boy Scouts introduced me to many outdoor adventure sports, and helped prepare me for military service, for which I knew I was destined. In 2010, after nearly two years of training, I led an Infantry Platoon of the renowned “No Slack” Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, in combat in eastern Afghanistan. It was a very physically, mentally, and emotionally difficult deployment. An example of my unit’s experience was even captured in the documentary film “The Hornet’s Nest”.