Six Ways to enjoy Wildflower as an Age Grouper

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Energized Bunny

Wildflower is an Iconic triathlon event in triathlon that is on many triathletes short list of ‘to do” races. Diamondback Bicycles / Wattie Ink athlete Dusty Nabor offers some advice to ensure you’re getting the most out of your own personal Wildflower experience:

1. Savor the Venue.
Wildflower is held at the beautiful Lake San Antonio Resort and Marina in San Luis Obispo County just outside of Paso Robles, Ca. The venue is basically tailor made for a triathlon. The campground is HUGE and has everything you need for overnight lodging. The expo area offers unique ways to engage with the product suppliers who create the fantastic triathlon equipment we all rely on. The Wattie Ink Team will be kicking it at the Diamondback Expo playing with our new Serios bikes, getting them dialed. The lake itself is stunning, and even with last year’s low water levels it provided one of the best swim venues in all of triathlon. The bike leg of the Long Course race is a single loop permanently marked for the event with the most gorgeous scenery imaginable. The run course winds its way throughout the campgrounds insuring there’s never a moment alone. Simply put, the venue is so good; you almost never realize how challenging the terrain really is….almost.


The Perfect Triathlete

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The Perfect Triathlete

Our sport is one that attracts driven, tough, goal setting individuals from all walks of life. We see moms that want to be healthier for themselves and their families, we see corporate executives looking for the next big challenge and we see groups of friends that rally around an event as a way to get together each year. We are blessed with a great variety of individuals that compete for their own personal reasons.

What creates the perfect triathlete is not what we see on the outside as much as what is on the inside, a hunger and passion to be the best one can be and to test their mental and physical boundaries. While certain body types are more easily predisposed to handling a triathlon with greater efficiency on muscles and joints there is no certainty that being small and slender will get you to the podium. Look around and you will find athletes with a few extra pounds, those that are far taller than everyone else and even some that struggle with one particular portion of the race. The stars of any given race are seldom those that ran the fastest, had the best bike time or even swam the course the with greatest of ease.

The perfect triathlete I contend is not the one that is genetically blessed enough to have the largest set of lungs or the strongest legs but the one that is able to pull themselves up each morning and make that day of training count regardless of how they feel, what stresses their day holds or how windy and cold it is outside. It’s a habit of self discipline and courage.


As a Challenged Athlete, why Wildflower? 

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As soon as my race season ended last year with another, but most memorable, IRONMAN Arizona finish, I thought to myself, what's next? It's always - rest, recover and then TRAIN FOR WILDFLOWER! It's one of those races you can't just show up to "have fun" or have a "catered training day." Are those types of races out there? Sure, but Wildflower isn't that race and that’s what makes it perfect for people like us, triathletes. It's the bucket list race of all bucket list races. It's one of those you have to start frantically training for WAY too soon in the season because you don't want to suffer. Suffer you will, but the race, the race experience, the venue and the people will make it all worthwhile.


Fit vs. Healthy

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Some decades ago, standing on the deck of the UCSD pool after a rigorous master’s swim workout, I overheard two college students.

“There are a lot of very fit athletes here.”

“Yeah, but not many healthy ones.”

The conversation intrigued me. What did they mean? What was the difference between fitness and health and where did I fit on that continuum? Some weeks later, I surmised, the claim was in reference to the dozens of world class triathletes who constituted the noon-time workout. And the reference inferred that as you move into the upper echelons of elite multisport and gain a superior level of fitness, you necessarily sacrifice basic health.

If this was the case, I wondered if there were to be costs to my colleagues and I as we chased titles around the globe, training excessively without the modern benefit of technology-based bio information. Was our desire to win through performance causing us to lose through the sacrifice of simple health? The answer(s) to those questions were to come much later when age, illness, time, and tide had washed over us.


Camping at Wildflower - A Crash Course

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As any human being who’s read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy knows, you shouldn’t ever be without your towel. Any self-respecting Wildflower Triathlon veteran knows that the same holds true for life at the Woodstock of Tri, along with a few more essential items. Below you’ll find a quick top ten of must-have/must-do items and actions to make your life easier at Lake San Antonio.

1. Book/Chair. There is very little in the way of cellular coverage in the park, and one of the joys of this race is disconnecting from the digital world for a few days. Bring a book you’ve been meaning to claw through, and a comfortable folding chair in which to read it.

2. French Press. There is also not much in the way of coffee around the park, and what there is usually requires a long walk to retrieve it. Bring a French press so mornings are a little more civilized.