My Club...My Family!

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I have had a paralyzing fear of water my whole life. If it was bigger than a bathtub I wouldn't go in it. I even had trouble watching underwater scenes in movies and seeing the big tanks in aquariums. That fear impacted my life. I started to run five years ago when I realized that as I was getting older and wiser, I was also getting wider. I actually enjoyed running and asked a friend of mind who was a triathlon coach to work with me and help my improve my form so my back wouldn't hurt as much. As one of his athletes, I had to meet the other coach in his business so they could best determine who was better suited to help me reach my goals.


General Tips for Wildflower Triathlons Weekend

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General Tips for Wildflower WeekendLake San Antonio is out in the middle of nowhere. Major stores are going to be a 60+ minute drive. Be prepared and bring extras of key supplies. My car is always packed with “just in case” items, particularly for my bike! Sports Basement does have a tent down at the expo with supplies but you are not guaranteed they will have EXACTLY what you need. So, if you are picky, your bike is complicated or you just want to save yourself a potential freak out---throw it in the car!

There are quite a few food vendors at the race expo. However, make sure you bring the staples you like to eat before a race. I cook my pre-race dinner at home and bring it in a cooler so all I have to do is heat it up.

Bring warm clothes, the mornings and evenings can be chilly when the sun is not up. A hat, gloves and warm socks are good to sleep in so you stay toasty and do not waste energy shivering.


Family, Friends and Memories

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Dean Harper

Wildflower will forever be my favorite race. Thirty three years ago was my first. I am hoping my last won’t be for another twenty or more years from now. I have ridden up Nasty Grade a dozen times or so, each time seemingly harder than the last. The Olympic course is mile for mile the toughest Olympic course around. There are no flats on the Olympic course, except in the swim. Memories of the race results fade over time. However, the weekend memories endure. They will last a lifetime.

I have competed at Wildflower with my daughter Shelley, and with my son Greg several times. Shelley was the 2nd collegiate woman three years ago and Greg was the 2nd collegiate male last year. Both wanted to snatch an overall victory for their Dad. I was incredibly proud of both and would have been whether they finished 1st or 151st. I am very thankful they have chosen a lifestyle that includes aerobic fitness and multi-sport. I am delighted to share the Wildflower tradition with my family.


How Wildflower Began my Professional Career

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Robin Pomeroy

My journey to race in my first professional triathlon (which happened to be the Wildflower Half) was not without a lot of trial and tribulation. Looking back to exactly one year ago, I can’t believe I raced my first half distance and first professional race here at Wildflower. I knew Wildflower would be difficult from what I heard, and from racing the Olympic distance in 2014, but I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It was a huge wake up to what it takes to compete among the best. After a year of racing the half distance, I am looking forward to having another go at Wildflower.

I grew up a swimmer and runner. Swimming was my main focus through middle school, then primarily running after that. With intentions of running at West Point, I trained and worked towards this goal. I was stalled with 2 major blows– a stress fracture in my left femoral neck that needed an emergency surgery since I was close to displacing my hip (at age 18, a hip replacement would have put me wheel-chair bound by age 50).


Staying the Course

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Madi Serpico

I have been participating in triathlons for 12 years but have been competing at an international level for the past 2 years now. Anyone that knows me knows that my two main passions amongst many are my family and competing in any race that challenges me. I am developing into a world-class athlete with extreme commitment and passion in a sport that is my real love.

My first experience in triathlon was crossing the finish line at Ironman Canada with my Mom and my 2 brothers when I was 12 years old. I remember running down the finisher shoot with the big lights and hearing the words repeated over and over to the finishers YOU ARE AN IRONMAN. That moment changed me and I knew I was made for this sport.