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Prepping for the bike course

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WF Bike

With a hill fondly dubbed Nasty Grade Hill, it's a sure bet that the Wildflower long course race has a challenging bike course laid out for you! But don't let that intimidate--we're here to help with a few tips and tricks to make your 56-mile tour of the hills more comfortable.

Any time you ar prepping for a challening bike course, one thing you want to do is take a drive of it the day or two before hand so that you can put to memory what's in store. The above named hill, for instance, comes late in the race. Better to know when to expect it than go in blindly.


After the bike--the run!

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WF Rrun

So now that you know what to expect from the Wildflower bike course, it's time to set your sights on prepping for the run course. As with the bike course, the run course isn't flat and fast, but it's also something you can work to master and maybe even surprise yourself with great results.

Brandon Del Campo is a former pro and current top age grouper who knows the Wildflower course like the back of his hand. His advice? Get ready for the hills! "The run course is very hilly with one super steep climb around mile 5 and then a long uphill at the 10 mile 'U-turn,'" he says. "You will also find a demanding one mile downhill at the end. That last mile is a total quad buster."


Why Has FINIS Gone Strapless

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FinisWith the release of the Agility and Instinct strapless hand paddles, it is clear that FINIS has found some advantages in producing paddles without the traditional elastic straps. Coaches and swimmers who have not had the experience of swimming with these training aids will ask us what the benefits of using this type of paddle are. Following the old adage of "if there is one question, there are bound to be more people with the same one", we hope to provide a few examples as to why swimmers will benefit from using these paddles. So why strapless? Doing without the straps reduces the opportunity for one to swim with incorrect form. If there are errors in hand entry, positioning, a low elbow, or any general loss of contact with the water against the palm, the paddle will become dislodged and provide instant feedback to the user. We call this method of training remaining "palm positive", which essentially means continuously pulling water throughout the entire stroke cycle.


14 Years After My First Attempt at Iconic Wildflower

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Chris Legh Wildflower

After kicking off my professional triathlon career way back in 1991, I ceased to call triathlon my career at the end of 2013...However, Wildflower still has a magnetic pull on me and I decided that I needed to come back here one last time.

Back in the day, the Wildflower festival was considered in the industry as the unofficial long course World Champs and the start of the Northern hemisphere triathlon season, it was the time when everyone came out of hibernation for the first major professional race for the year.

For years I had heard of this legendary race, but being based in Australia I was focused on events down under and it wasn’t until 2000 that I finally got myself together to have a crack at this iconic race.