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How I Bought 30 Watts for $250

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What if it where possible to gain 20-30 watts on the bike for a very small investment? Say in the range of $200-$300. I’m sure most of you would agree this is a no brainer investment. In an era were $8k bikes, $3k wheels and $400 helmets are common place, a $250 bike fit SHOULD be a no brainer. Especially if a proven gain of 25 watts waits for you on the other end. Here is my story.

I took up racing triathlon about 3 years ago after many years of racing mountain bikes.  At the beginning of my triathlon racing I was met with some bike problems. I am fortunate enough to have power on both my road bike and my tri bike and because of this I was able to see some disturbing power discrepancies between the two.


Drastic Determination: Mario Samora's Wildflower Story

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I spent my entire life battling obesity. I was always somewhat of an athlete, I played sports all through High School and College. While in College my weight started to pack on – I stopped playing sports and eventually joined the working world where the lack of activity and continued poor eating habits lead only down a dark road that was sure to be met with medical problems and an early death.  I have always felt like my life was under control with the exception of one thing, my health. I married the love of my life, I have a career that I enjoy and two of the most amazing children a father could ask for. Mentally I blocked out what was going on with my body and health. Looking back now I was truly in denial, my age played a major role in that. I guess in some weird and twisted way I thought that youth would always be on my side. 


Balancing Triathlon and Family

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Trying to fit exercise into your daily routine can be a challenge, add work and family into the equation and it can pose an even bigger challenge. I’m writing this blog to tell you that it can be done and you don’t need to feel like your life is spinning out of control while doing it (although sometimes on really bad days it may feel like it).

My husband (Joe) began consistently training for triathlons 3 years ago. What I mean by “consistently” would be working out every day, one or two times a daily. I didn’t mind it really. Most days he completed one of his workouts before the kids and I got out of bed in the morning. The other workout was done around our family schedule. I was strictly running at the time and was not interested in doing triathlons, so I would usually run when he arrived home from his early morning workout. This is how our household ran BEFORE I started triathlons. Now for the past 2 years my husband and I both try to fit in our daily workouts, work, and raise our 2 boys together. Some of the things that we found helpful are as follows: