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A Healthy Holiday Treat

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Trying to watch yourself around the sweets this holiday season? 

A little sweet, a little sour, but A LOT of yummy goodness! This yummy but not so bad for you treat will leave you wanting more, Sweet and Sour Chocolate Bark.

The competition with holidays treats is often found in the presentation of them. Yes, of course they have to taste good, but the way they look on the platter is the real selling item. Sweet and Sour Bark is not only going to be one of the healthier items on the platter, but also looks good on display!

The mix-ins…For starters, dark chocolate is always better for you than milk chocolate. Then you get a little protein from your crunchy almonds, a little chewy from your dried cherries, and of course, the mouth watering salty and chocolate combo.

Get your family and friends hooked on this holiday treat so no one has to feel guilty or tempted! Just think, you wont be feeling your post holiday weight in training as much.








Nancy Clark and the Athlete's Kitchen

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Nancy Clark

The Athlete’s Kitchen

Copyright: Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD, December 2013

Quality Sports Nutrition Information: At your Fingertips

The Internet offers an amazing array of sports nutrition information—but it also contributes to great confusion. Many runners complain to me about information overload; they have no idea whom to believe and how to determine which websites offer reputable advice. No wonder; if you google “credible sports nutrition information,” you' will find over four million links!

If you are like most runners, you simply want to know how to find valid information that tells you what and when to eat to perform at your best. Here’s a list of websites, books, and key resources to help you fuel wisely, eat healthfully, and feel confident with your food choices.


It's Already December?

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Does anyone else feel like November just flew by? I know everyone in the office feels like it did! Couch Potato

Which means we are reaching the middle of the triathlon off-season. Some of you may have already set off-season goals, some of you may still be pondering, while others may have already achieved one. 

We asked a couple of our Tri-California Ambassadors to give us some insight on their off season goals.