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PG Swim Clinic: A Great Success

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PG Swim Clinic

Our Annual PG Swim Clinic is held at Lover's Point Park in Pacific Grove. The clinic gives athletes a chance to swim in the kelp, get a feel for the water temperature, and familiarize themselves with the swim course for the Triathlon at Pacific Grove. Thanks to pro triathlete and USAT Certified Coach Alexis Smith for leading the clinic.


Kelp Krawl Your Way to Victory in Pacific Grove!

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Kelp Krawl

Whenever I talk to my triathlete friends about the Pacific Grove Triathlon one word dominates the conversation: KELP! It's fair to say there's a little bit of it at the cove by Lovers Point where the swim leg of the race goes down. I mean the local swim crew is named the Kelp Krawlers, if that's any indication of the vegetation situation. Despite just being a big green plant that largely minds its own business, a lot of swimmers are intimidated by the kelp. Here's the good news kelp isn't going to hurt you.


How to Change a Flat Tire

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How to Change a Bike Tire

Cliff Notes:

Release brake lever.
Release skewer and loosen if necessary. (Leave the skewer in the wheel)
Remover the wheel from the fork.
Use tire levers to remove one side of tire from the wheel rim.
Remove tube.