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Where do I start regarding nutrition? There is so much to it and everyone has a different opinion on what works. Let me start by saying that I am not an expert when it comes to nutrition. I know what works for me. I have tried almost everything there is to try regarding daily nutrition, race day nutrition, supplements, vitamins, minerals, fads, etc. I have found several things that work well and several things that are gimmicks.


How to Stay Motivated for Early Morning Workouts

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As training progresses and gets harder, it is common to feel tired and unmotivated…especially in the morning. These basic tips will help get you out of bed and out the door, ready to conquer your workout and the day!


My Transition from Fighting

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Kelvin Fight

Today I am a highly competitive triathlete, slowly trying to make it up in the triathlon world. I swim, bike, and run a total of about 15 hours per week. But I haven't always been the competitive triathlete that I am today. I haven't always been racing against time trying to beat a PR or earn a podium spot in my age group. Before I discovered the world of triathlon, I was competing in hand-to-hand combat in the kickboxing ring.


The Mental Side of Injury: Staying Positive When You’re “Down and Out”

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Kari Hamilton

It happens. Injuries can sneak up on us, even when we think we are taking every precaution to avoid them. Luckily, most injuries require that we take some time off to heal, which can range from a week to a month or so, which to the A-type athlete may seem like an eternity, but if adhered to, can mean you’re back in the game before the season winds down to a close.