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Orca Alcatraz Swim

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Alcatraz Challenge Swim

OK all you Alcatraz Challengers.  We’re coming down to the wire for the Memorial Day Alcatraz Challenge Swim. The weather report calls for a beautifully sunn weekend with air temperatures in the mid-60’s on Monday. The currents on race day will be moderate so you can rest assured you’ll end up at the finish line.


Building Character

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Kari Hamilton

Ahh race day. All of the preparations you have made for weeks and months in order to be in your best shape physically and mentally pay-off today. You have run the race over and over in your mind, thinking of every scenario, visualizing yourself through it all. Your tri-bag is packed with all of the tools that will make today a success. You have brought your A-game.


Just Keep Running

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I arrived at Lake San Antonio at 2am on Friday morning and was surprised to be greeted by a worker at the front gate that early in the morning. I told him that I really appreciated him being out there to help athletes enter the park in the middle of the night. 


A First-Timer's Account

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Cyle, Dan & Dave at WildflowerThis was my first experience with Wildflower, and it did not disappoint on any level! Friends tried to get me to race last year, but I chickened out, even when told “you have to experience Wildflower, it’s so much more than a race!” I held back. Well this year I figured, 30th Anniversary, promise of fun, promise of an easy race … oh wait, promise of a really hard race…how could I go wrong?


The 30th Anniversary of Wildflower

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Chris "Macca" McCormack

Well, it was another Wildflower for the books! The weather this year was the best in recent history, with temperatures on Saturday and Sunday in the high 70’s and low 80’s. There was little wind and the water was calm.