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My Club...My Family!

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I have had a paralyzing fear of water my whole life. If it was bigger than a bathtub I wouldn't go in it. I even had trouble watching underwater scenes in movies and seeing the big tanks in aquariums. That fear impacted my life. I started to run five years ago when I realized that as I was getting older and wiser, I was also getting wider. I actually enjoyed running and asked a friend of mind who was a triathlon coach to work with me and help my improve my form so my back wouldn't hurt as much. As one of his athletes, I had to meet the other coach in his business so they could best determine who was better suited to help me reach my goals.


Leg Exercise Training

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Leg Exercise Training

Being involved in endurance sports for a couple years now, I have seen plenty of injuries and have experienced a few of them myself due to the foolish mistake of having the lack of strength training incorporated into my own training program. Logging in miles and miles day after day will put a toll onto your legs and if proper preparation is not enforced to withstand this high volume of training, potential injuries can occur. It is imperative to take proper pre-cautions to prevent this from happening to you. One way to do this is to strengthen the muscles in your lower body from major muscles to minor muscles in all planes of motion. Below are 5 simple strengthening exercises that can benefit you in the long run.


Wildflower: Not Only for “Athletes”

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Besides dance until 9th grade, I did zero sports growing up.

I stumbled upon triathlon in 2009 after my friend and co-worker Kelly and I decided that we should build up our beanpole arms, and swimming seemed like the logical answer. Since we knew how to ride a bike, had run a few miles and were soon to be expert swimmers, we registered for the Wildflower Olympic Course.

January 2010, we enrolled in a swimming 101 class at the Campbell community pool and joined their Waves Triathlon Team. I distinctly remember folks in too much Lycra talking about their “watts”, “cadence” and “threshold” and having zero context for the conversations.

After eighty early morning workouts, it was race day! I was so nervous, I slept in my triathlon suit—one less thing to do in the morning (a tradition I’ve kept :).


Wildflower 2014 - An Athlete's Perspective

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WF Rrun

By: Kelvin Brillante, Tri-California Ambassador

Another Wildflower Triathlon long course is in the books. As always it was a bitter sweet weekend. The weekend was filled with fantastic camaraderie, a lot of food, and a huge expo that included free massages and chiropractic care! In regards to the chiropractic care, I have to give a big thanks to Monica who did a super awesome job on readjusting my hips and back and taping up my shoulder the day before the race! Away from the expo, camping was a thrill with my Bangarang Runners and Fil Am Tri team. I believe that our campsite was just one of the loudest campsites out there that weekend (sorry to the teams who were nearby). Many stories, jokes, smiles, laughs, and of course race nerves were shared among the group. I miss it already and definitely am looking forward to next years Wildflower! Anyways, onto the race stuff. Going into this race I had really high expectations of myself; I mean really high! Unfortunately, my personal expectations were not met but at least I earned a personal record. Even though I did not reach my original goal, I crossed that finish line pretty stoked out and am very happy with my finishing time considering how the day went. So lets start off with the swim, run, bike and run.


It's Already December?

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Does anyone else feel like November just flew by? I know everyone in the office feels like it did! Couch Potato

Which means we are reaching the middle of the triathlon off-season. Some of you may have already set off-season goals, some of you may still be pondering, while others may have already achieved one. 

We asked a couple of our Tri-California Ambassadors to give us some insight on their off season goals.