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Take It Off Road

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Scott Tinley's Triathon

Most of us have that one unusually enthusiastic friend who makes bad ideas sound good. This is the friend who suggests pre-dawn bike rides, “adding on” to an already long run, or competing in a weekend of back-to-back triathlons. That friend for me is named Christy and she’s responsible for imparting a lot of pain that she cunningly packages and labels as “FUN!” In October of last year, while perusing a list of upcoming races, she suggested we do the Scott Tinley Triathlon in San Luis Obispo (SLO), California. The Scott Tinley Triathlon Series offers a medley of races throughout a three-day weekend and I was game until Christy added her trademark Fun Factor, “Let’s do two triathlons! The road tri on Saturday and the off-road tri on Sunday.” No stranger to my weary looks, she tossed a line to my ego and ensured me that I’d do well. I took the bait.


The History of Tinley’s Adventures and The First Off-Road Triathlons

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Scott Tinley

During the week leading up to the 1994 Hawaiian Ironman, I scheduled a meeting of prominent race directors who were in Kona. We met in a hotel conference room and discussed the idea of combining mountain biking and trail running near a mountain lake. Some of the problems facing future growth of the sport at the time, included drafting, road closures, traffic, and un-exciting courses. An off-road triathlon, a few of us argued, would address all of those.

There was interest by the race directors but none of them had experience in the alpine sports. And they wanted a lot of seed money. Folks, I suggested, we can’t wait for the mythical 7-figure sponsor. Let’s find a local mud hole, a bike path, and see how this goes.


Keeping Traditions

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Tinley Traditions

Traditions you may ask? Well to start, having professional triathlete Scott Tinley request this event to our founder Terry Davis, then having it passed down to his daughter Colleen for her senior project, and now watching her still produce the event with great enthusiasm is just one way to look at it as a tradition.

For you, there may be many ways of creating a tradition at Scott Tinley’s Triathlons…

It could be racing the same beautiful course through the hills of San Luis Obispo, watching your kiddos finish their first triathlon, taking a trip to Avila Beach with your family the day after race day, gathering with friends at the local wineries, or eating at your favorite restaurant in downtown SLO.


Topping off with Tinley's

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Scott Tinley's Triathlon

It has been quite the busy month for all of us here at Tri-California Events! Three events in a four-week span: The Triathlon at Pacific Grove (Sept 7-9), the Giant Race (Sept 16), and culminating this weekend with the 18th Annual Scott Tinley’s Triathlon.


How to Stay Motivated for Early Morning Workouts

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As training progresses and gets harder, it is common to feel tired and unmotivated…especially in the morning. These basic tips will help get you out of bed and out the door, ready to conquer your workout and the day!