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Staying the Course

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Madi Serpico

I have been participating in triathlons for 12 years but have been competing at an international level for the past 2 years now. Anyone that knows me knows that my two main passions amongst many are my family and competing in any race that challenges me. I am developing into a world-class athlete with extreme commitment and passion in a sport that is my real love.

My first experience in triathlon was crossing the finish line at Ironman Canada with my Mom and my 2 brothers when I was 12 years old. I remember running down the finisher shoot with the big lights and hearing the words repeated over and over to the finishers YOU ARE AN IRONMAN. That moment changed me and I knew I was made for this sport.


The Wildflower of Triathlon

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Chris Bagg

I hope this title made you say “What?” Now that I have your attention, please forgive this short refresher on figurative language. Remember middle school, when your English teacher taught you about extended metaphor? How non-literal language can form the backbone of an entire piece of creative work, making a parallel statement about something not present in the text? You ran home to your Pink Floyd The Wall and listened to “Comfortably Numb” over and over again. HOLY CRAP, you realized: this song may not just be about taking drugs, it may in fact be about the creeping anesthesia of contemporary life! Your mind was blown. Over the next year you tried the form out yourself in various applications: songs, poetry, art assignments. “It’s not really about daffodils,” you hear yourself telling your friends. “It’s about the ephemeral quality of human existence, man.”


An Athlete’s Journey: Back from Cancer

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Derek & Family

Derek, now 31, has been cancer-free for nearly four years. The survivor earned his highest placing as a pro at Wildflower 2015 and hopes to continue his success in the 2016 competition.

In 2012, just after Derek Garcia had earned his pro card and completed his first race as an elite training squad, he received a call no one, and especially an athlete, wants to hear – he had testicular cancer.

The devastating cancer diagnosis brought Derek’s infant career to a screeching halt.

“It was incredibly scary,” Derek recounts. “We had two boys at the time, had just put a huge amount of time, money, and commitment into my new career as a professional triathlete. Everything was put into question. My major concern was how I would be able to take care of my family if things got bad.”


Jesse's Wildflower Training Playlist

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Jesse Thomas

If you're looking for some tunes for those last few weeks of Wildflower training, check out this playlist. Also, it's best if you get some Jaybird bluebuds to use for wireless listening of course! Here's a quick description of the songs. Let me know what you think or any other song ideas you have!

1. Carry On Phenomenon by Kishi Bashi - My current go to song. LOVE this band, and their new album is insane. Worth a listen to the whole thing.

2. Go Do by Jonsi - This Jonsi album is insane as well. This song got popular through a car commercial and is absolutely catchy for exercising, but check out the whole album also.

3. Instant Crush by Daft Punk - This song came out right around the time Jude was born, and I remember thinking "instant crush" when I met him.


Six Ways to enjoy Wildflower as an Age Grouper

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Energized Bunny

Wildflower is an Iconic triathlon event in triathlon that is on many triathletes short list of ‘to do” races. Diamondback Bicycles / Wattie Ink athlete Dusty Nabor offers some advice to ensure you’re getting the most out of your own personal Wildflower experience:

1. Savor the Venue.
Wildflower is held at the beautiful Lake San Antonio Resort and Marina in San Luis Obispo County just outside of Paso Robles, Ca. The venue is basically tailor made for a triathlon. The campground is HUGE and has everything you need for overnight lodging. The expo area offers unique ways to engage with the product suppliers who create the fantastic triathlon equipment we all rely on. The Wattie Ink Team will be kicking it at the Diamondback Expo playing with our new Serios bikes, getting them dialed. The lake itself is stunning, and even with last year’s low water levels it provided one of the best swim venues in all of triathlon. The bike leg of the Long Course race is a single loop permanently marked for the event with the most gorgeous scenery imaginable. The run course winds its way throughout the campgrounds insuring there’s never a moment alone. Simply put, the venue is so good; you almost never realize how challenging the terrain really is….almost.