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10 Reasons You Should Go To Wildflower

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Jesse Thomas Wildflower

I’ve already put a couple of plugs out on the social media channels, but wanted to make it “official” for all the craziest ass of my fans that I am in fact headed back to Wildflower this year - along with fellow Bend-ite, 3-time defending champ, and overall awesomeness, Heather Jackson.

To me, this race obviously means a lot. It was my first win, the first time I felt legitimized as a pro, the devastating surprise end of my season on a roll, and probably my most shocking performance ever in a comeback.

But to be perfectly honest, I’m not heading back to Wildflower because I want to “defend” or continue a streak or anything like that. Sure, I would like to do those things, but that’s not the reason I’m headed back. I’m headed back because I love it, for a lot of reasons. All of which I’ve talked about many times before.


14 Years After My First Attempt at Iconic Wildflower

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Chris Legh Wildflower

After kicking off my professional triathlon career way back in 1991, I ceased to call triathlon my career at the end of 2013...However, Wildflower still has a magnetic pull on me and I decided that I needed to come back here one last time.

Back in the day, the Wildflower festival was considered in the industry as the unofficial long course World Champs and the start of the Northern hemisphere triathlon season, it was the time when everyone came out of hibernation for the first major professional race for the year.

For years I had heard of this legendary race, but being based in Australia I was focused on events down under and it wasn’t until 2000 that I finally got myself together to have a crack at this iconic race.


Why I'm Racing Wildflower

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Jesse Thomas Celebrates

It’s funny to think it was only 2 years ago. Most of you are probably sick of the story (if so, skip the next paragraph), if not, here’s a quick recap:

A bright eyed, bushy haired first year pro out of Eugene drives the ManVan with his buddy Matt last minute down to the historic Wildflower Triathlon. The kid doesn’t have a clue. He uses a borrowed bike (his broke 4 days prior), a borrowed helmet (also Matt’s), a hand me down race kit & of course, $8 drug store aviators. But, he lines up, has the race of his life, and while the announcers literally don’t know his name, crosses the finish line to win.


Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition

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Where do I start regarding nutrition? There is so much to it and everyone has a different opinion on what works. Let me start by saying that I am not an expert when it comes to nutrition. I know what works for me. I have tried almost everything there is to try regarding daily nutrition, race day nutrition, supplements, vitamins, minerals, fads, etc. I have found several things that work well and several things that are gimmicks.


Did You Say Hills? Yes, I Said Many Many Hills

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In this blog entry, I want to stress the importance of riding hills prior to racing the treacherously hilly and daunting Wildflower bike course. I also would like to give some helpful hints to having a successful bike section of the race. I have always lived by the training strategy that if I have practiced something that's harder than what I'm going to see on race day, then, come race day, I should be good to go.