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PG Swim Clinic: A Great Success

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PG Swim Clinic

Our Annual PG Swim Clinic is held at Lover's Point Park in Pacific Grove. The clinic gives athletes a chance to swim in the kelp, get a feel for the water temperature, and familiarize themselves with the swim course for the Triathlon at Pacific Grove. Thanks to pro triathlete and USAT Certified Coach Alexis Smith for leading the clinic.


Kelp Krawl Your Way to Victory in Pacific Grove!

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Kelp Krawl

Whenever I talk to my triathlete friends about the Pacific Grove Triathlon one word dominates the conversation: KELP! It's fair to say there's a little bit of it at the cove by Lovers Point where the swim leg of the race goes down. I mean the local swim crew is named the Kelp Krawlers, if that's any indication of the vegetation situation. Despite just being a big green plant that largely minds its own business, a lot of swimmers are intimidated by the kelp. Here's the good news kelp isn't going to hurt you.


Cross One Off The Bucket List

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By: Geoff Pasley

Geoff PasleyCross one off the bucket list, I’ve completed my first triathlon! I’ve always considered tackling the challenge of a triathlon, but never actually envisioned myself following through on it. It has always just been an idea, but this past weekend my idea became reality.



A Road to Recovery

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By: Julia Duenes Stewart

Julia Duenes StewartFor nearly eight years I have wrestled with many physical infirmities. My physical hardships have included a car accident, multiple ankle sprains, a herniated disk in my lower back during pregnancy and two surgeries.

At my lowest point, I was in extreme pain during most of my waking moments and unable to walk unassisted. I spent many months in bed. And the herniated disk in my back could not be treated because of my pregnancy. After my beautiful daughter was born I needed physical therapy just to relearn the basics for most people's lives; how to drive, sit, walk, climb stairs. My ability to do daily tasks again did not eliminate the pain I felt but did allow me to function.

I still experience some amount of pain everyday and continue to rehabilitate my back through physical therapy. But I have gone beyond many of the basics, am further improving and am seeking the healthier lifestyle I once lived.

My physical therapist recommended I set a goal for myself that would enable us to measure my progress. I mentioned that prior to the start of my many physical ills I had considered and even begun training for a sprint triathlon. He suggested I work toward this end.

I have spent many months struggling to build up my muscles, endurance and flexibility. Even if I finished last, I felt determined to finish and hoped I would be able. It won't mean my recovery is complete, I still have a long road ahead. But finishing will stand as a milestone in my rehabilitation reminding me that I am on the path to becoming a whole, healthy and active human being once again. No pressure!

I am proud to say that I successfully completed my first triathlon at Pacific Grove, and will continue to grow in my recovery.

Making My 59th Triathlon Count!

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By: Jason Walter

The Triathlon at Pacific Grove has been one of my favorite races since I first competed there in 1998. In 2000, I had one of my best races ever finishing 5th overall with a sprint finish that was captured by the race photographer (attached). In the background of the picture is my family cheering: my mom, dad, sister, and both of my grandmas (who have since passed). My Grandma Walter lived in Carmel since 1963 and passed away in May this year. Last weekend we spread her ashes at sea in Carmel. This year's Triathlon at PG will be my 59th triathlon and I would like to dedicate it to my loving and supportive family.