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Triathlete Jessica Frazier – A Model of Strength

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Jessica Frazier Story

It’s only May, but 2016 has already become the year that I have stepped out of my comfort zone and pushed my limits more than ever before. So far, I’ve ridden farther and climbed more hills than I had ever imagine possible. All this, however, doesn’t happen without the help of some pretty stellar, intimidating (but also way awesome) women! The results: the euphoric exhaustion of exhilarating downhill descents, breathtaking views, new friendships, and overcoming a major personal challenge.

Add on to that list a photo shoot with #TeamBetty2016. Having battled and overcome an eating disorder, I would never have imagined myself willingly modeling in front of a camera. But representing Betty Designs, a team that embraces strong, healthy athletes, gave me the confidence to step into the light and be proud of my own strong body.

While instinctively I would have chosen to wear the team leggings or a long-sleeved jacket, I was instead photographed wearing the team bathing suit. This may not sound particularly challenging or limit pushing for the average athlete, but to me it was a meaningful victory. It terrified me that people would see my body and judge it negatively. But standing there in front of the camera wearing only a swimsuit proved to me and to the world that this time I had won - not my eating disorder.



My Club...My Family!

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I have had a paralyzing fear of water my whole life. If it was bigger than a bathtub I wouldn't go in it. I even had trouble watching underwater scenes in movies and seeing the big tanks in aquariums. That fear impacted my life. I started to run five years ago when I realized that as I was getting older and wiser, I was also getting wider. I actually enjoyed running and asked a friend of mind who was a triathlon coach to work with me and help my improve my form so my back wouldn't hurt as much. As one of his athletes, I had to meet the other coach in his business so they could best determine who was better suited to help me reach my goals.


From Military Fitness to Personal Fitness

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WF RrunBy Patrick Roush, Team RWB Monterey Bay

I have loved the outdoors since childhood. Boy Scouts introduced me to many outdoor adventure sports, and helped prepare me for military service, for which I knew I was destined. In 2010, after nearly two years of training, I led an Infantry Platoon of the renowned “No Slack” Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, in combat in eastern Afghanistan. It was a very physically, mentally, and emotionally difficult deployment. An example of my unit’s experience was even captured in the documentary film “The Hornet’s Nest”.




Attractions, Restaurants and Activities in Pacific Grove

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Red House Cafe

The Triathlon at Pacific Grove is a race in the quaintest place. This is a race and a place to be excited about! Betsy Davis, co-owner of Tri-California Events, calls Pacific Grove home. She let us in on some of her favorites, in hopes that you find a favorite too...


PG Swim Clinic: A Great Success

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PG Swim Clinic

Our Annual PG Swim Clinic is held at Lover's Point Park in Pacific Grove. The clinic gives athletes a chance to swim in the kelp, get a feel for the water temperature, and familiarize themselves with the swim course for the Triathlon at Pacific Grove. Thanks to pro triathlete and USAT Certified Coach Alexis Smith for leading the clinic.