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My Transition from Fighting

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Kelvin Fight

Today I am a highly competitive triathlete, slowly trying to make it up in the triathlon world. I swim, bike, and run a total of about 15 hours per week. But I haven't always been the competitive triathlete that I am today. I haven't always been racing against time trying to beat a PR or earn a podium spot in my age group. Before I discovered the world of triathlon, I was competing in hand-to-hand combat in the kickboxing ring.


Building Character

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Kari Hamilton

Ahh race day. All of the preparations you have made for weeks and months in order to be in your best shape physically and mentally pay-off today. You have run the race over and over in your mind, thinking of every scenario, visualizing yourself through it all. Your tri-bag is packed with all of the tools that will make today a success. You have brought your A-game.


A First-Timer's Account

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Cyle, Dan & Dave at WildflowerThis was my first experience with Wildflower, and it did not disappoint on any level! Friends tried to get me to race last year, but I chickened out, even when told “you have to experience Wildflower, it’s so much more than a race!” I held back. Well this year I figured, 30th Anniversary, promise of fun, promise of an easy race … oh wait, promise of a really hard race…how could I go wrong?


Did You Say Hills? Yes, I Said Many Many Hills

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In this blog entry, I want to stress the importance of riding hills prior to racing the treacherously hilly and daunting Wildflower bike course. I also would like to give some helpful hints to having a successful bike section of the race. I have always lived by the training strategy that if I have practiced something that's harder than what I'm going to see on race day, then, come race day, I should be good to go.


Cross One Off The Bucket List

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By: Geoff Pasley

Geoff PasleyCross one off the bucket list, I’ve completed my first triathlon! I’ve always considered tackling the challenge of a triathlon, but never actually envisioned myself following through on it. It has always just been an idea, but this past weekend my idea became reality.