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My Journey to Triathlon

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AfterMy journey to triathlon and the significance of my race number for the 2012 Avia Wildflower Long Course race began when I was a kid.

From around second grade, I struggled with my weight. I was always self-conscious and worried that people were judging me not by who I was but by what I was, which simply put was a fat kid. In high school I was still self-conscious but being a football player it was accepted by not only me but my family. My senior year my playing weight was in the area of 315 pounds and I’m 5’11”.

After high school I had a full ACL reconstruction while also going away to college. The pizza and beer being compounded by the inactivity except for physical therapy took its toll. I ballooned and the last weight I saw was 336 pounds after which I stopped getting on the scale. At the Age of 19 I was hypertensive and pre-diabetic. When I learned that I was risking diabetes I decided to change my life for the better. I joined up with Kennedy Club Fitness (KCF) in San Luis Obispo and started working out. I managed to get myself down to 286 pounds and that was enough to get me away from diabetes and off the medications. However, I was still self-conscious and felt like I was literally a prisoner in my own body.
I would be lying if I said that dark thoughts never crossed my mind, the feelings of isolation and helplessness are two things I will never forget.


My Transition from Fighting

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Kelvin Fight

Today I am a highly competitive triathlete, slowly trying to make it up in the triathlon world. I swim, bike, and run a total of about 15 hours per week. But I haven't always been the competitive triathlete that I am today. I haven't always been racing against time trying to beat a PR or earn a podium spot in my age group. Before I discovered the world of triathlon, I was competing in hand-to-hand combat in the kickboxing ring.


Building Character

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Kari Hamilton

Ahh race day. All of the preparations you have made for weeks and months in order to be in your best shape physically and mentally pay-off today. You have run the race over and over in your mind, thinking of every scenario, visualizing yourself through it all. Your tri-bag is packed with all of the tools that will make today a success. You have brought your A-game.


A First-Timer's Account

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Cyle, Dan & Dave at WildflowerThis was my first experience with Wildflower, and it did not disappoint on any level! Friends tried to get me to race last year, but I chickened out, even when told “you have to experience Wildflower, it’s so much more than a race!” I held back. Well this year I figured, 30th Anniversary, promise of fun, promise of an easy race … oh wait, promise of a really hard race…how could I go wrong?


Did You Say Hills? Yes, I Said Many Many Hills

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In this blog entry, I want to stress the importance of riding hills prior to racing the treacherously hilly and daunting Wildflower bike course. I also would like to give some helpful hints to having a successful bike section of the race. I have always lived by the training strategy that if I have practiced something that's harder than what I'm going to see on race day, then, come race day, I should be good to go.