At Tri-California, our mission is to lead a healthier lifestyle by “exercising with purpose” setting a goal to participate in an endurance race.

We are driven by the idea that our races and events provide an opportunity to set a goal and reach it. The races themselves are simply the excuse to train and a milestone towards striving to be a better person- physically, emotionally and spiritually after each event. The multi-sport lifestyle offers a way to experience life outside the gym and cross train as a healthier well-rounded approach to fitness.

We offer not just races, but full weekend experiences that allow athletes to be part of a community of like-minded individuals and a way of celebrating together their accomplishments. We believe everyone in our events has a story of what inspired them to race and each had their own journey to reach this destination. It’s our job at the races to offer a way for them to share their story, create incredible long-term memories and inspire others along the way. We have a passion for being there to welcome them like they are family, provide a top-notch complete race experience and celebrate with them as they finish the race with more than just a medal. In the event world you need a reason to keep going during these long hours and we are inspired by idea of providing opportunities that changes lives. We feel we are in the business of changing lives as much-if not more-than simply producing a race.


• Passion for the Healthy Lifestyle

• Passion towards families and events that bring people together

• Integrity and Relationships

• Understand event management of large-scale events in the sporting industry

• Known as the “go to” company in the run and triathlon industries.

• Own timing and traffic / event services companies in California for “one stop” event solutions